ht Erotica

Erotica Presents

The first decentralized Blockchain powered Adult Social Network

Why Erotica is a perfect match for the the Adult industry

Low Fees

Send Erotica anywhere in the world in seconds for under one penny


Erotica offers a completely anonymous payment network, to society you are just a random string of numbers and letters

No chargebacks

Since Erotica is powered by innovative blockchain technology no payments can be reversed

Our Product

The first Adult Social Network

We are creating something the adult industry has yet to see and we are doing it all on top of groundbreaking blockchain technology. Introducing the first Social Network with an EROTIC twist!

  • - Text, Image, and Video Posts -
  • - Built in Live Streaming -
  • - Censorship Resistant -
  • - Earn or Tip in ZTA our very own cryptocurrency -

The Cryptoeconomics behind Erotica

Name Erotica
Ticker ZTA
Max Supply 6,900,000
Masternode Collateral 1,000
Block Time 120 seconds
Block Reward 6.9 ZTA (Reduces by 25% every 262,800 Blocks)
Block Payout 69% MN / 24% Staker / 7% Dev Fund


Here's an overview of what we plan to accomplish in the coming months

Q1 2019

  • - Blockchain Launched
  • - Brand Building
  • - Exchange Listing

Q2 2019

  • - Social Network Preview
  • - Pink Paper
  • - Integrate with Adult Industry Providers

Q3 2019

  • - Social Network Beta


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